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90 Seconds to a Great Lawn

We are Lawn Professionals

Born's Lawn Care takes pride in knowing each client's property and specific needs. Our experienced professionals are attentive to each detail and work conscientiously to provide the very best in landscape care. When you have special requests, we will respond to your inquiry promptly with the service and care that you deserve.

Our Lawn Care Services



Let Born transform your grounds into a sight to behold! With expertise and competitive pricing we're the only call you need to make.

More Services

More Services

We are constantly working to improve our services as well as add new services. Our goal is to keep every customer satisfied through our extensive service line.

Power Washing

Power Washing

Be sure to protect your biggest investment. We offer a variety of services geared to bring the sparkle back to your home.

Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Come home from your hectic work day and relax to your perfectly manicured lawn and landscaping.

Snow Plowing

Snow Plowing

Put the snow shovel and boots away and enjoy that hot cup of coffee. Born's provides 24-Hour Snow and Ice Removal to both residential and commercial properties.

Get The Lawn Care You Deserve

We pride ourselves in giving the most dependable and quality service at affordable prices to all our clients. We handle all types of properties from residential to commercial. Our services include landscape care, fertilization, removals, installations, power washing, aeration, and more.

lawn care
Lawn Care

We are lawn care specialists for all makes and models of your lawn needs. Whether you’re in need of a new trimming, mowing, or edging count on us to give the best service. Born's Lawn Care wants to serve you as your expert consultant for all of your custom lawn care needs. Keep your family and and home stylish with up to date, high – quality, lawn care services.


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What can Born's Landscape & Lawn Care Services do for me?

Born's Landscape & Lawn Care has been serving North Central Ohio for the past decade.  We manage both residential and commercial properties. No properties are too big or too small. At Born's, we pride ourselves on customer care. You'll have trouble finding better customer service anywhere else. 


With a wide service line, Born's can handle almost any request.  We are constantly adding new services to our arsenal to better serve our clients.  Feel secure having only one service provider on your property each week. We pride ourselves on knowing every little detail of our customer's properties.  Why deal with multiple service providers when everything can be done under one roof. Call us or click our Contact Us page to book an estimate today!

There are so many lawn care companies, why should I hire Born’s Landscape & Lawn Care Services?


Insist on professionals with a solid reputation. At Born's Landscape & Lawn Care, we make it a priority to pass the highest possible value to you, our customer. Born's is a full-service Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance company serving both residential and commercial properties.


Born's Lawn Care takes pride in knowing each client’s property and specific needs. Our experienced professionals are attentive to each detail and work conscientiously to provide the very best in landscape care. When you have special requests, we will respond to your inquiry promptly with the service and care that you deserve. Go to our contact page to book today!


I’m new in the area, can Born do anything for me?


We hope that you are settling into your new home nicely! We know that taking care of your yard is one of the last things that you have time to do. We would be glad to meet with you to set up a maintenance program designed around your needs or start planning a garden renovation to make your yard truly your own. Perhaps the trees and shrubs in your yard have become overgrown, we would be happy to come out and take a look at your new property and develop a plan of action to give you peace of mind knowing that you have one less thing to worry about!


Our “One Company, Total Care” philosophy means that taking care of your entire yard is just one phone call away. We take care of your neighbor's yard, why not yours too?


Looking to switch service to Born's Landscape & Lawn Care Services?


Tired of bad customer service? Tired of no customer service? Want a reliable, professional landscape company? Look no further!


Our team of outstanding professionals is ready and waiting to help you create a picture-perfect landscape. Our "One Company... Total Care" philosophy means that we are ready and able to tackle any need that you might have. We are committed to providing the highest level of satisfaction for our clients. With all of the hassles in life, your landscape company should not be one of them. To switch providers and hire Born's Landscapes & Lawncare, please contact us today!


My home has more responsibilities than before. How easy is it to add services?


Already a Born's Landscapes & Lawncare customer? Want to add another service? We would be happy to help!


As a Born's Landscapes & Lawncare customer, your needs and wants are our number one priority. We are very happy to be serving your landscaping needs and would be delighted to help you even more! When you are ready to tackle the big project or as your maintenance needs change, it is as easy as one phone call to the office.


To ensure prompt scheduling of your new service, please contact us today so that one of our sales representatives can get in touch with you.


What sort of seasonal requirements does Born's Landscape & Lawn Care Services recommend for property maintenance requirements?


​We come in the early Spring and remove all debris that has fallen over the winter months. This is an important step to get the lawn off to a good start for the year. Debris left unattended to will likely suffocate the turf and begin to kill it off. Get your beds and lawn freshened up and be ready to impress the neighbors. 


In late fall, we remove all the debris from the property. We suck up all the leaves from the lawn while mowing it down to proper winter height. Turf that is left too long for the winter is more susceptible to snow mold and other problems. We thoroughly go through all the landscaping beds to remove and unwanted debris. This is a good time to cut back any plants that need to be protected from the harsh winter. Don’t wait until the seasons change, get your lawn serviced today!


Does Born's Landscape & Lawn Care Services end at the sidewalk?

It is our focus on customer satisfaction that drives us to go that extra mile to make sure everything about your grounds can shine. It’s not all planting and pruning. We want to make sure your home is in tip-top shape and have a professional-grade pressure washer to get it done. Be it your siding or your sidewalk, we can have it sparkling in record time. Call today for an estimate!


Do you do any installations?


We sure do!


If you’re looking for something to take your yard to the next level, call on us to do the work. We are experienced in many sorts of installations using multiple mediums. If you want a porch or patio, we can help with both design and installation. If you want an outdoor fireplace to huddle around on a cold winter night, call Born’s Landscape & Lawn Care Services.


And if you want something even more interesting, we now offer water features! We offer these features ranging from bubbling waterfalls to serene garden ponds. That new fish pond you have been dreaming of could be a reality with one call.

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